Peace Pets
Peace Pets
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    Exotic animal presentation

    As an animal educator at Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange  New Jersey I spent my days educating visitors about wildlife. At Montclair State University as a professor I took those skills into the classroom.


    Now in Santa Fe, I bring the fun and education into schools and birthday parties and I have worked with The Children's Museum and all three libraries here in Santa Fe. Parties are $100 per hour. Discounts are available to schools and community groups. All of our animals are rescues and paid for through my day job so volunteers and donations are always greatly appreciated. 


    As a child I loved animals. As my love grew so did my knowledge and dedication. I found that due to circumstances, not all pet owners could be forever homes. Unfortunately, this means that many exotics are released into non-native environments or taken to a shelter. My goal as an adult is to give as many displaced pets as possible a loving home. After several clocked hold and observation hours they join me at schools, youth groups, and birthday parties to raise awareness and spread environmental stewardship and ecological compassion.